Bans & Reinstatements

Bans & Reinstatements

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Please select a mod currently active in the thread, if applicable. All mods will be notified of your request.

Ban another member to make your time in our online communities a pleasant and fulfilling experience. 

When requesting to ban a member, please leave their full name in the notes.

Please note:
  • Mutes can be revealed, but bans and bonko removal cannot.
  • Bonko removal can only be in response to an issue within the last 24 hours INSIDE the Bonko chat. Screens/an explanation must be sent to The Cat. We will not remove users for interpersonal issues or problems outside the Bonko chat.
  • Reinstatements and GMY$ Lux bans require prior mod approval by majority vote.
  • Reinstatements come with Lux status.


All completed services are non-refundable.